The PhD degree is a research degree awarded for making a significant contribution to knowledge; in our case to the subjects associated with Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The period of research is three to five years (four years average).

It is an interuniversity program between “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)” and “Universidad de Oviedo (UO)”, associated to the departments of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in both universities. At UPM, the program is also associated to the research center “Centro de Electrónica Industrial” (CEI). Both departments and the research center CEI are very active in research, having strong links with industry in Spain and internationally.

In the program, around 70 academic staff from UPM and UO are highly committed, covering many aspects in the field, from generation and distribution of electrical energy through smart grids and microgrids, power electronics, digital embedded systems, IoT and AI in the edge. The research lines in the program are:

The program is supervised by the Program Academic Committee PAC composed by distinguished researchers in the field. For additional information, please browse the web