Programme access


Admission is a compulsory formality prior to take PhD studies. Admission to a PhD program is only necessary for the first year. Enrolment can be made in the two participating universities by filling out the Web pre-enrolment form.

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Once the candidates are pre-enrolled, the Program Academic Committee (PAC) will evaluate them preparing an individual report for each candidate. The report will be assigned to one of the PAC members according to the candidate’s profile. The program prefers candidates with a clear background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, but other profiles could be considered.

The candidate´s report can be prepared based on the documentation provided in the pre-enrolment, but the evaluator can request additional information or even an interview by teleconference. The admission report considers the following criteria:

  • Academic record: up to 60 points
  • Experience in initiation activities to research in Electrical and Electronic Engineering: up to 20 points.
  • Scientific publications in journals and conferences: up to 10 points
  • Participation in international mobility programs during undergraduate and master’s studies: up to 10 points.

The program will inform the candidates about their applications in the periods defined by the participating universities every academic year. In any case, the evaluation process takes at least four weeks from the time of the pre-enrolment.

For those accepted candidates, the Program will assign a supervisor at the time of acceptance.

The formalization of the enrolment must be carried out at the Secretary’s Office in the School responsible for the management of the PhD program, and always within the period established.