General Information

These doctoral studies are a Joint PhD Program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering between the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and the University of Oviedo (UO) focused in the following three research lines.

Participating universities:

Promoting Units

Places offered by academic year: 20 UPM, 15 UO

Research Lines

  • Electrical Engineering and Electronic Management of Electrical Energy (UPM)

All the problems associated to Electrical Power Networks, including generation, transmission, distribution, ancillary services, etc., are included in the scope of the program. Particularly, the program pays attention to Distributed Generation from Renewable Sources (Solar, Eolic, etc.), power quality and energy management. More recently, an important activity around smart grids and microgrids have been developed.

Electrical machines and drives, including electrical vehicles are also part of the research activity in this line. This includes machine design and control systems oriented to different applications.

Power Electronics is also in the core of the research activity, not only oriented to power systems, but also to telecom, aerospace and health applications. A lot of work has been carried out in Power Electronics Conversion from few watts to tens of kilowatts; looking for higher efficiencies and higher power densities, including the extensible use of digital controllers.

  • Electronic Embedded Systems (UPM)

This research line is carried out at UPM and oriented to develop Electronic Embedded Systems including hardware, software, firmware, operating systems, communications, sensors, energy harvesting, etc.

Most of the research work is in the fields of sensor networks, embedded intelligence, reconfigurable and evolvable hardware, evolutionary computation, etc.

  • Power Electronics and Power Quality (UO)

This research line is carried out at UO and oriented to Power Electronics. The activity is focused in the development of different power supply system’s architectures and their components. Power converters topologies, their modelling techniques and control are some of the key elements of the research work.

This line includes research activity in electrical drives and power quality using extensively power electronics and advanced control strategies.

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